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TheHappinessHabit-usThe Enlightened Hyena Press is proud to present The Happiness Habit: 30 Daily Practices for Choosing Authentic Happiness, written by Javy W. Galindo.

Happiness is a choice. But for many, choosing happiness can be difficult. Today, start on your path to ‘choosing happiness’ with any of the over 30 easy-to-follow exercises found in “The Happiness Habit.” Based on the latest research into the psychology of happiness and full of over 60 insightful, inspirational happiness quotes, “The Happiness Habit” is a workbook companion to Professor Javy Galindo’s bestselling book “Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails.”


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In “Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails” Professor Galindo outlined four simple choices that can dramatically improve our experience of a happy life. In “The Happiness Habit” he shares the daily practices that we can start using today to psychologically train our brain to make those choices. Just as we can do a physical workout to improve our physical fitness, we now have a book full of the following scientifically-based exercises we can use to create a happiness workout to improve our emotional fitness:

Choice #1: Learning to Live Easy
–Sitting in Silence
–Mindful Activity
–The OK Mantra
–Forgiving Others
–Easing Up Your Load

Choice #2: Learning to Live Light
–Delayed Gratification
–Enjoying Pleasure
–Acknowledging Your Blessings
–Appreciating Blessings in Disguise
–Ritualizing Your Endings
–Expressing Your Gratitude for Others
–Savoring Ordinary Experiences
–Real Optimism
–Experiencing Awe
–Exercising Your Sense of Humor

Choice #3: Learning to Live Smooth
–Doing What You Enjoy
–Being Playful
–Decreasing Your Difficulties
–Authentic Living
–Clarity of Intent

Choice #4: Learning to Live Meaningfully
–Taking Emotional Risks
–Appreciating Progress
–Finding & Following Your Bliss
–Living a Life Full of Meaning
–Strengthening Social Bonds

Take your first steps to a happier life today by purchasing your copy of “The Happiness Habit”.