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unHoly Skits! Politicians, Prostitutes, and Kinky Koalas

by My Hyena Comedy

WARNING: Definitely Contains Dirty Adult Humor in the form of Funny Skits and Short Sketch Comedy Scenes

If you are looking for a book that you are embarrassed to read in public, look no further.

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Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails

by Javy W. Galindo

A philosopher’s simple guide to the psychology of joy, satisfaction, and a meaningful life.

Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails is more than a collection of emails or an introductory textbook to positive psychology. It is an inspirational, thought-provoking guide to the science of happiness and to a life well lived.

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The Happiness Habit

by Javy W. Galindo

Happiness is a choice. But for many, choosing happiness can be difficult. Today, start on your path to ‘choosing happiness’ with any of the over 30 easy-to-follow exercises found in “The Happiness Habit.”

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Featured Titles

Checkout our most popular previously released books.

Sleep Paralysis

by Ryan Hurd

“Ryan Hurd, a brilliant researcher and emerging leader in the field of dream studies, offers a brand new perspective on sleep paralysis that provides both practical help and inspirational guidance.” – Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., author of Dreaming in the World’s Religion

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By His Touch

by Rolando Y. Dy Buco

In 1991, in a remote Philippine town, a young 15 year old girl was suddenly the victim of an unusual medical condition—her brain began to be painfully compressed by its own life supporting cerebral fluids. Then, on November 10, 1991, a miracle began that forever changed one father, his daughter, and their relationship with God.

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The Power of Thinking Differently

by Javy W. Galindo

An imaginative guide to creativity, change, and the discovery of new ideas.

Are you looking for new perspectives, creative ideas, or a deeper sense of meaning? Discover an enchanted new world of creative possibilities by harnessing The Power of Thinking Differently.

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Upcoming Titles

Lost in Sicily

by Simon Elias

Philosophy and the New Physics

by Rene Churchland

The Philosophy of Justice

by Seraphina Mason


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